Adam Bousquet, founder of the Western Mass Turtle Rescue since 2004, has earned himself the niche of "The Turtle Guy" amongst local pet stores and reptile community in Western Massachusetts. With over ten years of experience with various specie of turtle, tortoise, and terrapin, Adam  is registered members of the New England Amphibian and Reptile Rescue; also licensed with the EPA within the state of Massachusetts to house and rehabilitate endangered reptile, of course, specializing in our shelled friends. Treating many cases of malnourishment, shell-rot, upper respiratory infections, and other common turtle sickness, we house many happy to be alive survivors and enjoy our family of shelled creatures. We cater to local individuals with pets in need of re-homing, but also have made live-animal shipping arrangements in the past for our not-so-local patrons. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or solicits of care, re-home/adoption.

     Sadly, it is too often that pet turtles/tortoises end up in a poor home, fed the wrong food, neglected, sickness left untreated, etc... especially tortoises, there is always someone who will take in a tortoise, then after a few years fail to realize how big their species of tortoise actually gets, and find that they need to re-home their pet and don't know where to turn. Few people do the right thing and turn their pet into a shelter/reptile rescue, many people think it's okay to release their pet back into the wild and fail to realize how fatal it is to a domesticated turtle/tortoise. That's what I'm here for, to provide care, rehabilitation, and permanent home for these turtles/tortoises people are unable to care for and are in need of help. I own various species of endangered, common, local, and international breeds of turtle/tortoise/terrapin. My fiance and I have a passion for these shelled creatures, together we rescue them, home, nurse back to health if needed, breed in season, and take wonderful care of our family. If you have an unwanted, or an unable to care for turtle/tortoise/terrapin and are looking for a new home for your pet where it will be loved, well taken care of, and amongst the company of other shelled creatures of its kind, you have come to the right place.


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