The Red Bellied Cooter


Air Temperature:  Low to Mid 80's

Basking Temperature:  High 80's to Low 90's

Water Temperature:  Low to Mid 70's

Native Region:

                                                     southern Georgia to  Florida

Ddifficulty Rating out of ten:

                                        3, not a community turtle with other species


                                      Male   7" - 9"            Female   11" - 13"


                   In the wild, they are herbivores, prefer aquatic plants, with younger turtles enjoying in some insects. captively mollies as a treat or dried crickets to supplement a wardley or reptomin based diet.

Enclosure info:

 basking spot is required; UVB lighting is neccessary. A submersible heater is recommended. They are excellent swimmers and need room to swim. Substrate can be from a sand to a fine-to-medium size gravel.Recommended tank 30 gallons or more.

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