Meet Our Family

Feel free to share your pictures too we would love to see your tortoise and turtle friends as well 

Here our some of ours:

Abdow, our mascot, is our first Sulcata Tortoise I hatched from an egg February 27, 2006.


Torkoal, our female Red-footed Tortoise.

Crystal, our Maine Diamondback Terrapin.

 Lil' Mac, Quarter, and Whopper Jr., our baby Red Earred Sliders.

 GODZILLA!!! our Louisiana Alligator Snapping Turtle.


 Rocky, our adorable male Ornate Box Turtle.

 Abdow and Hercules, our Sulcata dynamic duo :)


 Prometheus, our Indonesian Snake-neck Turtle.

 Nelly, our Chinese Golden-Thread Turtle.



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