Turtles in Tornadoes

     When disasters strike families loose home, get injured, or can no longer provide for all of their members. The Red Cross and MSPCA related groups have gone to extreme lengths to help the people, cats, and dogs. Sadly all other pets no matter how beloved are being forgotten by the rest of us left to die. We at the Western Mass Turtle Rescue have been trying to both promote awareness and to help remedy this need. 

     We are going about this in a number of ways. First we are taking in as many animals as our society can hold both in animal permanent submissions as well as in what we are doing temporary 30 day housing for tornado victims. Second we are more actively acting in the community out reach at pet stores, local relief events, and presentations...The more education and community presence we can create the more people we can encourage to help the community. Through these efforts we have already changed the outcome for 37 turtles since the storm hit. We have also found new homes for several of them as well through our ever growing network.

     Our members are ever eager to help; however with the vast influx of demand upon our organization we are in need of help. With the sheer quantity of  needs brought to us due to the tornado we are in need of donations to help feed and care for these animals. Many of them require medical attention and with the sheer quantities our rescue is burning through its regular supply quantities. Thank you all very much and please be safe!

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